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Molesworth Victoria

Welcome to the Victorian Township of Molesworth

The Scenic Molesworth/Dropmore Road is one of Molesworth’s hidden treasures.  Starting  at the Goulburn Valley Highway, Molesworth and heading towards Caveat, Highlands High country. From the Caveat end of the road you can then go full circle back through Yea or Yarck. This 14 km scenic country lane takes you back in time as it travels along the beautiful Goulburn river flats and then winds its way up into the breath taking High Country.

The Scenic Molesworth/Dropmore Road winds its way slowly over creeks that sparkle with a tempting golden glitter in the sunlight. It travels along the side of rocky outcrops with cascading waterfalls spectacular after local rainfall. All the time it takes you through the wooded hills and hidden valleys. With a rich treasure of wildlife visitors often stumble across a wallaby grazing along the side of the road or a wombat heading somewhere with serious intent.

Occasionally echidnas can be seen going about daily business or blue tongues sun baking in the morning rays. Koalas are often seen snoozing in the trees or at certain times of the year the thick clouds of butterflies can extend for hundreds of (13)

The views, the bush smells, the sounds of birds just take your breath away and leave you with a heartfelt experience. There is so much to experience that it’s worth a day trip to take your time and explore the Scenic Molesworth/Dropmore road. Have
lunch or tea at the local pub and stay at ‘Bonnie Brae Farmstay’ or Molesworth hotel for the night before continuing your journey.

The Great Victorian Rail Trail

The Great Victorian Rail Trail (GVRT) is the longest Rail Trail in Victoria and renowned for it’s diversity and amazing scenery, attracting visitors from all over Australia and the world. The (GVRT), was formerly known as the Goulburn River High Country Rail Trail with 134kms of trail to be explored it is one of Victoria’s favourites.

Being the closest and longest Rail Trail from Melbourne most people start their rail trail journey at Tallarook or catch a train to Tallarook Train Station

With so many great places and townships to stop and explore along the way it’s worth exploring our townships that the trail passes through, such as  Mansfield  Yea, Molesworth, Alexandra, Yarck, Merton, Bonnie Doon and Maindample. Of course you can jump on the trail at any point and ride in whatever direction you choose.