Molesworth Flora and Fauna

Molesworth is a beautiful Village with many properties owned by the same families for many years.  Much of  the beauty of Molesworth and  its healthy population of native flora and fauna is due to the farming wisdom of the Molesworth community.



The farming families in Molesworth have learnt to read the land and live gently with it.  They’ve learnt to nurture it, holding onto its beauty, health and character and protecting its native flora and fauna.

With the beauty of Molesworth comes the diversity of a country that is cherished and nurtured by natures laws.  The local waterways and rivers have their natural ebbs and flows that sweep through the river banks and over lowlands in flood times.

The land is owned and managed by experienced farmers who have a natural understanding for the region and use their generations of farming skills to ensure a sustainable environment for all to enjoy.

Visit Molesworth and experience first hand the farming culture, history and the beauty of the picturesque landscapes.

Molesworth is loved by it’s inhabitants and visitors, it’s an oasis from a crazy world, somewhere to visit, cherish, to protect and share with its native plants and animals.

If you take the time to stop for a moment and look around you may see many of the beautiful, sometimes hidden inhabitants of Molesworth.   It’s almost like you walk back in time.

The flora and fauna live in harmony with the farming community, often sharing paddocks, food and water in harmony with domestic farming animals.


Wedge tailed Eagles, Black Cockatoos that come down from the hills a few days before bad weather coming in or the Kookaburras that sing before the rain are all inhabitants.