Scenic Molesworth/Dropmore Road, Molesworth

The Scenic Molesworth/Dropmore Road in Molesworth is one of the most beautiful roads in our region. It is a dirt road winding its way up from Molesworth to the Highlands that takes you back in time.


Molesworth/Dropmore Road passes through Molesworth ‘Bonnie Brae Farm Stay, past Nar Darek and wends its way up through the beautiful Molesworth hills to The Highlands.

The Scenic Molesworth/Dropmore Road at times travels alongside a rocky creek which can gently pooling water or a rushing torrent of water. Travellers often have to stop for wildlife to cross or just to be amazed at the views.

At certain times of the year there can be hundreds of metres where the air is thick with butterflies or the raucous cockatoos.

Its an experience to take your time along as it’s the gentle traveller that notices the beautiful secrets of the Scenic Molesworth/Dropmore Road.