Molesworth State Wildlife Reserve

Molesworth State Wildlife Reserve is a beautiful natural reserve encompassing Molesworth Goulburn Lagoons. Molesworth State Wildlife Reserve is a unique landscape of flood wetlands and horse shoe shaped lagoons it holds a wealth of flora and fauna. A critical wildlife habitat it homes and welcomes many species of Australian birds, mammals and reptiles. For the bird lover, the plant lover … Read More

Scenic Molesworth/Dropmore Road, Molesworth

The Scenic Molesworth/Dropmore Road in Molesworth is one of the most beautiful roads in our region. It is a dirt road winding its way up from Molesworth to the Highlands that takes you back in time.   Molesworth/Dropmore Road passes through Molesworth ‘Bonnie Brae Farm Stay, past Nar Darek and wends its way up through the beautiful Molesworth hills to … Read More

The Great Victorian Rail Trail Molesworth History

The impact of the railways on the daily life of the Molesworth community must have been substantial. The daily delivery of bread from Yea was an important service and Harold Anderson spoke of the excitement in the early part of this century as they waited at the station for the newspapers to arrive with the results of the Caulfield and … Read More

Molesworth Flora and Fauna

Molesworth is a beautiful Village with many properties owned by the same families for many years.  Much of  the beauty of Molesworth and  its healthy population of native flora and fauna is due to the farming wisdom of the Molesworth community.        The farming families in Molesworth have learnt to read the land and live gently with it.  They’ve learnt to nurture it, holding … Read More