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Great Victorian Rail Trail

The Great Victorian Rail Trail (GVRT) is the longest Rail Trail in Victoria and renowned for it’s diversity and amazing scenery, attracting visitors from all over Australia and the world. The (GVRT), was formerly known as the Goulburn River High Country Rail Trail with 134kms of trail to be explored it is one of Victoria’s favourites.

Being the closest and longest Rail Trail from Melbourne most people start their rail trail journey at Tallarook or catch a train to Tallarook Train Station

With so many great places and townships to stop and explore along the way it’s worth exploring our townships that the trail passes through, such as  Mansfield  Yea, Molesworth, Alexandra, Yarck, Merton, Bonnie Doon and Maindample. Of course you can jump on the trail at any point and ride in whatever direction you choose.

Here are the locations of all the other Yards and Troughs for the horse loving community.


Tallarook (Schoolhouse Lane),
Molesworth – Horse yards for 6 horses located at the entrance to the rail trail (at Reserve)  Alexandra – Horse yards for 6 horses and a horse hitching rail is located near the carpark at the Alexandra Timber Tramway museum (the entrance to the rail trail in Alexandra).
Yarck – A fenced yard available for horses at the entrance to the rail trail, off Wrights Road.
Kanumbra – Horse yards for 6 horses located near the railway platform.
Merton – Located half way up Merton Gap (on Mansfield side).
Bonnie Doon
Mansfield  – Horse yards for 6 horses located at the beginning/end of trail, behind the Mansfield Visitor Information Centre.




 Click to download a PDF of the MapSeymour-Mansfield_Rail Trail-6